WHY this homepage?
1.  Anybody who is looking for inspiration can get it any time they want.
At first we only collected various inspirational items for ourselves, storing them in a file folder.
We enjoy reading these and frequently use them for spiritual guidance for our children.
Now our file folder has expanded greatly! The internet is replacing the paper file!

2.  Creating a positive alternative rather than just criticizing the many not so good things offered...

3.  Making a forum for exchange of inspirational and thought-provoking material
If you want some goodies uploaded, email them to us. We'll take a look at it and .......
Many items have come across the big pond from the USA, Canada and other parts of the world

4. Let's multiply GOODNESS, for goodness' sake!
 We are willing to help anyone to set up something similar.

5.  The response we have received so far has been very, very encouraging.
Thus we will keep going. We are still learning ........
We are welcoming suggestions on how to improve this homepage. Keep us on our toes!

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